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Protective Face Masks For Sale UK – Online Store Now Open

Women wearing a face mask in a supermarket

The Story of Coronavirus and Protective Face Masks

On 11th March 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid-19, a new strain of coronavirus, a global pandemic. Having originated in China, the virus had taken just under two months to reach multiple countries across six continents.

As the virus has spread, governments around the world have forced their countries into lockdown, asking people to stay at home unless they’re considered as a key worker, shopping for essential food and medical supplies, or going out for exercise once per day.

As part of the plan to reduce the spread of the virus, experts have advised people to wear protective face masks when venturing out of their homes. With many countries having made this compulsory, and more sure to follow, the demand for face masks has increased considerably.

How Effective are Protective Face Masks?

Whilst wearing a protective face mask does not guarantee that you won’t get sick, they are effective at catching droplets from coughing and sneezing, one of the primary methods of infection transmission. Some studies have suggested that wearing a mask offers a fivefold increase in protection versus not wearing any form of protective barrier.

Our Protective Face Masks

Our protective face masks are made from a breathable, contoured fabric with two elastic loops to tie behind the ears and a pocket for adding a filter. In addition they can be washed, either by hand or in a washing machine at 60ºC, making them reusable.

Please note that our face masks are not made from medical-grade material and we do not recommend them for any NHS or front line work.

Buy Face Masks Online

As more and more of us begin to wear protective face masks, we thought we’d make them a bit more fun. You’ll find a selection of funny face mask designs on our online store, which are available to order today. Alternatively, you can create you own design by using our online face mask customiser.


The Funny Face Masks Team